Glucose/ 5 %

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  • Glucose is the name given to blood sugar, and dextrose is a type of sugar found in plants Intravenous administration of dextrose solution provides a source of water and glucose (sugar),  giving patients fluid and energy. 
  • Dextrose 5% in water is injected into a vein through an IV to replace lost fluids and provide carbohydrates to the body.
  • Dextrose 5% in water is used to treat low blood sugar (hypoglycemia), insulin shock, or dehydration  (fluid loss). Dextrose 5% in water is also given for nutritional support to patients who are unable to eat because of illness, injury, or other medical condition.
  • Dextrose 5% in water is sometimes used as a diluent (liquid) for preparing injectable medication in an IV bag.