Dobutamine (Concentrate)/12.5mg/ml- 250mg/20ml-5mg/ml

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  • Dobutamine is an inotropic agent. It works by increasing the strength and force of the heartbeat, causing more blood to circulate through the body, supporting the treatment of cardiac decompensation due to depressed contractility.In cardiogenic shock characterised by heart failure with severe hypotension and in case of septic shock
  • Dobutamine may be useful if added to dopamine in case of disturbed ventricular function, raised filling pressure of the ventricles and raised systemic resistance.
  • Dobutamine may also be used for detection of myocardial ischaemia and of viable myocardium within the scope of an echocardiographic examination (dobutamine stress echocardiography), if patients cannot undergo a period of exercise or if the exercise yields no information of value.